"I don't need you to eat my shorts." If you're like me and you like a certain type of music, this will make your day https://t.co/nWVSXdPnYe
about 2 days ago | @amigotheband


Amigo (the band)

Amigo jams econo in the footsteps of their punk rock heroes. Their music comes from their imaginations, where shit-kickin’ east Texas honky tonks are infiltrated by weird and flamboyant art school kids and, somehow, everybody gets along famously! The music is about magic and despair, gettin’ yer rocks off, not gettin’ yer rocks off, being filled with innocence and wonder and then the world taking a giant dump on your head. Oh, yeah, and it’s fun, too – because it’s ROCK & ROLL music, y’all! Amigo looks forward to seeing everybody later this year on tour in support of their debut LP, Might Could. Be cool in the world!